Reports to: Sales Manager and Project Manager

Works closely with: Drafting Person, Shop Personnel

Responsibilities:  Prepares cost estimates by analyzing project documents.

1.    Prepares work to be estimated by gathering project documents (blueprints, specifications, and related documents).

2.    Identifies labor, material, and schedule requirements by reviewing proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents.

3.    Identifies necessary inquiries for clarification of documents and requests sales manager or project manager to clarify inquiries with clients or project professionals.

4.    Develops costs by analyzing labor, time and subcontractor work requirements and obtaining quotes on materials and subcontract work.  Coordinates as necessary with shop and production staff to determine labor requirements.

5.    Prepares documents that are accurate concerning quantities, specifications, relevant details, and which note exceptions as appropriate.

6.    Presents prepared estimate by assembling and displaying prices and vendors, availability of materials, qualifications, etc.

7.    Maintains vendor, product, and cost database.

Background/Experience Requirements: Excellent math and computer skills.  Familiar with Word, Excel, and Project.  Understanding of e-mail.  Excellent ability to read detailed blueprints and specifications.  Working understanding of ATM line of work including appropriate specifications and criteria of design.  Engineering and drafting experience an advantage.

Personal Qualities Requirements: Detail oriented. Good organizational skills. Ability to remain calm under pressure and work to deadlines. Excellent verbal communication skills. Willingness to represent the company in a positive manner to project professionals and vendors.