Reports to: Timber Frame Supervisor

Works closely with: Other shop personnel.

Responsibilities: Layout, fabrication, finish and erection of timber frames.

1.    Performs precision layout of timber frames in shop.

2.    Fabricates, assembles and finishes timbers using shop equipment, portable hand and power tools.

3.    Assures materials and products meet quality standards and job specifications.

4.    Erects timber frames.

5.    Maintains shop environment, tools and equipment.

6.    Inspects and maintains job materials and inventory of shop materials and supplies.

7.    Occasionally performs site work and erection of timber frames.

8.    Disassembles antique buildings.

9.    Performs similar functions for other departments and performs other work as required.

Background/Experience Requirements: Experience as timber framer.  Excellent knowledge of materials, shop equipment, techniques, tools and product.  Demonstrated ability to work well with numbers.  Demonstrated ability to read shop drawings and develop fabrication details. Familiarity with safe rigging and erection practices.  Safe work habits. Comfortable working with ladders, staging and at heights during erection.

Personal Qualities Requirements: Willingness to take direction and work well with others.  Ability and willingness to work independently.  Positive and cooperative attitude.  Personal integrity and sense of responsibility. Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle suitable for errands and occasional job site commuting.  Availability to work regular schedule plus overtime as necessary with occasional extended trips out of town. Basic personal tool kit.

Physical Ability Requirements:
Frequent:                                              Occasional:

Lift over 40 lbs.                                      Lift over 70 lbs.
Work in a dusty environment                 Use oil or chemicals
Stand for long periods                            Climb ladders
Do precision type work                          Climb stairs
Work outside                                          Drive
Stoop                                                     Bend
Walk                                                       Answer phone
Reach/Pull/Push                                    Continuous swinging of 3-5 lb. mallet
Perform repetitive prying motion           Continuous use of hammer and
  involving wrist, hand, and arm                screwdriver